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The mission of the Pacoima Development Federal Credit Union is to provide professional financial services to underserved communities in Pacoima and throughout the San Fernando Valley. We are a nationally certified, chartered LMI banking institution that was created expressly to administer loans, check cashing, financial education and other services to Members of all income levels and financial history. If you have been turned away from banks in the past, we can still probably help you. We even have lending programs for Members who have limited income and don't have a social security number.


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What Is Bad Credit?

If you have been turned away from banks in the past, you probably know what "subprime" means. Lenders call you "subprime" if you have a credit score below 669 according to the FICO Score Range. The lower your credit score, the fewer chances you have to be approved for a loan in a bank or get it at safe, low rates. Borrowers with bad credit are considered potential risk as they may have difficulties repaying the money.
The term "bad credit" has its clear value. According to the FICO Score Range, lenders use the following ranking of credit score types:

  • Between 300 and 579: Very Poor;
  • Between 580 and 669: Fair/Bad;
  • Between 670 and 739: Good;
  • Between 740 and 799: Very Good;
  • Between 800 and 850: Exceptional.

Members with low income and poor or bad credit scores are more likely to be in need but usually don't get financial support from banks or traditional financial institutions. The Pacoima Development Federal Credit Union stands for equal financial opportunities for all residents of Pacoima and throughout the San Fernando Valley. We provide professional financial services for Members of all income levels and credit history to support the underserved communities. We are ready to provide financial assistance for those who need it the most.

In Pacoima Development Federal Credit Union, we provide emergency loans for Members with bad credit, low income, and even for residents who don't have a social security number. You no longer need a payday lender to solve your financial difficulties.


Share Savings

A Savings Share Account is required for membership in the Credit Union. A $25.00 minimum balance requirement.

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Consumer Loans

These loans are ideal when you need cash for auto repairs, vacations, emergency cash, or other personal financial needs.

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New/Used Auto

Whether is its new or used we can help you with your financing. We offer low rates on new and used cars.

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