The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) recommends that start-up credit unions work with a mentor financial institution, particularly another credit union in a nearby community. These mentors can be a valuable source of informal technical assistance to start-up credit unions. In addition to guidance, mentors may also provide back-office support, such as bookkeeping, recording of transactions, call report submissions, and other tasks.

Listed below are PDFCU’s mentors, whom have provided a valuable source of technical assistance and guidance. Together, we are making history and a positive difference in the Northeast San Fernando Valley.

PDFCU thanks its supporters for all their efforts in making this happen!

The Valley Economic Alliance


The Credit Union receives assistance from The Valley Economic Alliance, including being a sponsor for the Credit Union. The Credit Union staff can draw upon the economic development expertise of TVEA’s staff and board of governors on an as-needed basis. TVEA also provides financial and in-kind support to the institution and anticipates providing this support for the next two years. To learn more about TVEA visit